Friday, August 29, 2008

Mushing On!

Mushing dogs smile.

Although the injury to my knee (ACL tear) is on a slow mend, and Snoopy was on the DL for 2 weeks with some nondescript limp, we have been hitting the roads and trails this summer on a regular basis. Yea~!~ I cannot believe how cautious I am now, pretty pitiful really...but safe at least! I walk any overly steep or dangerous stretches, and sometimes I will drive to the lowest point in my ride, and make them start by going uphill!

Overall, they are impressively stronger, and more cohesive as a team than ever. It seems couch-potato-time just makes them run better! Our training has one challenge; I so wish I had taught them to run on the right side of the road at the outset. For some reason, way back when, (with the walky-dog on the left ...for whatever dopey reason...) we favored the left side of the road. As a result, as we've ventured out on the dirt roads in my neighborhood, it is now a constant "gee over" battle, where I command, beg, and plead them to veer to the right side while they (snoopy especially) just as determinedly make haste for the left. sigh.

Here is a new video of Team HumDog on the open (dirt) road. It was a beautiful night. Enjoy.