Friday, March 27, 2009

Mini Pup - TYKE mushes with team HumDog

WOW! Had to bail from youtube temporarily went over to JayCUt online video editing and posting. Success! Click Link video not embedding > Post Iditarod wrap up to come, feel free to comment with your take on the race this year...What a race it was.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dryland cart links/Iditarod 37 begins

DryLand Season is upon us. NEED A CART?? Check out these finely engineered units from SoCal. Cool Blog Too.Iditarod 37 is underway. Lance and Jeff after heading out 47th and 41st respectively are reported to already in top ten! The Iditarod website is not real EZ to navigate and is subject to regular crashes and slow operation. Insider live feed videos of the starts have garnered mixed (mostly negative) reviews, as the site has been plagued with issues. I saw about 40 minutes 'til I was bumped and we weren't able to connect to the feed again b-4 it was over. :( Archives are where it's at I guess. I am annoyed and perturbed at computers in general. The loss of all (over 1200) my winter photos, and a harddrive replacement still finds this PC running worse than ever. slow. "You can bring it in again, we can look at it."Argh. What could possibly be the issue? Pretty much over it. NOTE: Figured out the issue: the LIVE FEED of the Iditarod on Saturday, put us over our 250mb upload limit through HUGHESNET!?!?! ... and they put us on restriction!! So...Updated account, waited, re-registered and we are (at last) back online. Now to see if i can get my vids uploaded without episode....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

World Dryland Championships: Event Host Needed

Got organizational skills? Got location with trails nearby up to 10 miles? You could help host the 2009 IFSS dryland world championships!!!
Written by Sally Bair
Tuesday, 11 March 2008
Duluth, MN USA -- IFSS is now in the process of accepting bids for the 2009 Dryland World Championship. Bids must be submitted on CD or by email by May 15, 2008, to IFSS Secretary General Sally Bair ( sbair@cpinternet.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ).

Important information to include on the application is (in addition to the venue site, tentative schedule of events/classes/banquets, dates):

* Diagrams of the trails or maps with distances and elevation for each class;
* Trails’ width and list of hot spots (difficulties requiring special attention);
* Type of trail (sandy – for dryland WCh, forest trails, open fields, etc.);
* Number of four-wheelers (quads) or other equipment (for dryland WCh) available to prepare trails before the race and during the race;
* Estimated number of volunteers needed and available;
* Type and availability of trail marking material;
* Parking/stake-out areas (diagram with size and distance from start and finish lines);
* Maximum number of possible participants;
* Availability of conveniences at race site(s), where, how many (restaurants, toilets, water);
* Location for the race office and secretariat;
* Location for the vet office and veterinary checks;
* Time keeping equipment to be used, including format for posting times (at race site & website); Intermediate timing and posting availability;
* Location for team leader meetings (generally held before each day’s heats begin);
* Previous race experiences on the proposed race site (type of race, number of participants, etc.);
* Hotel(s) for officials (distance from the race site);
* Hotel(s) for the participants (distance from the race site) with additional information about those that will accommodate dogs/dog vehicles;
* Distance between race site and closest motorway/highway;
* Distance between race site and closest international airport or domestic airport connected to international airport (specify);
* Rental or loan (cars, vans, trucks) possibilities for transportation;
* Availability of dogs for borrowing;
* Media package or plan

For more information, contact IFSS Secretary General Sally Bair ( sbair@cpinternet.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ) or IFSS Vice President of Sport Bernard Pepin ( bernard.pepin857@orange.frThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ).