Monday, April 26, 2010

Our new toy - the Diggler FX full suspension and disc brakes a great safe dryland mushing rig.

This video DOES NOT have great audio. It is low fidelity and until i get some good video software and regain my upload capabilities on YouTube it is all i got...sorry. In spite of its flaws I am proud of this vid. It features Team Humdog joined by rOaDdie on his 4th (!!) turn in harness...and he is actually PULLING!!Initially poor OD had no clue. When I'd harness him without a neckline, as soon as the tugline would get tight he'd immediately turn around and run back to me!! SO, i began used a standard 4 dog tugline and used the neckline to encourage him to GO.....still, he resisted. HARD. And he would actually pull IN REVERSE! Snoopy was pulling me, the scooter - AND OD!!! Luckily, with patience, and positive energy it finally clicked and he is loving the run. We R Rocking!He is a good pup who is happy to have found me. I am happy too! Below my two favorite cowdogs!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Team HumDog Grows by One - Welcome rOaDie

Pepper and Snoopy welcomed Snoopy's long lost litter-mate and brother on Sunday Mar 14. He was released from his duties (duties he didn't take to very well) at a near-by cattle ranch, to pursue work hopefully more to his liking with Snoopy, Pepper, and I, in our mushing adventures! Thanks Ralph!!
Snoopy, above, is a dog with heart. His tug lines are always tight. He follows commands easily and works honestly. He gives all he has got with a smile on his face. If his brother has half the heart and drive that he has, he will be an awesome sled dog.This dog's given name was CODY> But we have taken to calling him O.D. ...or rOaDie. O.D. is for Other Dog...or Over Drive!!

Above, a calm moment between brothers. Snoopy has been very aggressive with him. Pepper, below, has been on the outskirts of most of those interactions. She seems annoyed by it all, but will eagerly play with O.D. when they are alone in the yard. Snoopy, with time, will mellow out... i hope...
rOaDie is very submissive. He lOVES to roll over. He rolls and he rolls over and over in the grass until he rolls right down the hill!! :)
He is a very good looking pup!!! He is so skinny....but that will change.
rOaDie is inquisitive and handsome. His confidence is growing everyday and he is adjusting well to our routine and rules. We already love him so much. He has learned/experienced so many things in one week: He has ridden in a car, walked on a leash, hung out in the house, gotten neutered, gone to doggy day-care at the vet, taken more car rides, eaten new foods including roast chicken for a good 'down'! He has gone to the river (and even jumped in!) played with toys, chased a tennis ball and learned to stay out of the kitchen and the girl's rooms. He has gone up and down the stairs, and learned to not jump on the table, and to avoid chasing the cats! We are measuring him for a harness this week, and hope to play some with him in it, by the first week in April. Yahoo! Go O.D.!
Good boy! Below, Fun times in the VOlvo.......On a side note: wanted FREE 4x4 beaterToyota for mushing truck!
Snoopy! You little licker!
Remember me bragging about a REAL musher coming to South Fork? Well she did. Lorraine Temple gave an awesome and informative assembly on the 8th. xoxo Jj

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alaska Musher Coming to SoHum!

Lorraine Temple is coming to Southern Humboldt to conduct inspirational presentations! (Early Mar - stay tuned) I was excited to learn of her scheduled appearances that promise to inform our local youth about all things mushing, and more! She has been called "Barbie with an edge," I can't wait to meet her and to hear her story. You should check out her website and interesting life story at Alaska Husky Spirit. Her slide show is a MUST SEE!! Really, 5 minutes of Musher/Alaska Bliss.

Team Humdog is in serious training mode. Although we are generally happy in our groove and know that dryland mushing is best for this team, we are looking forward to our first (and probably only) race of the year. We will be attending WinterFest in Chester CA. Race info HERE. I will be running two dogs in the three dog class - and no other races - so i am not doing any serious dog racing here. But still, we are looking forward to playing in the snow, and meeting up with all the authentic mushers whose acquaintance we've been fortunate enough to make. I have observed that serious mushing is an adventurous, extreme, waking up early, nature loving, poop scooping, body working sport; and the people who love it are strong and beautiful folk. One can't know too many people like that! My report and great pics from last year's Chester Race experience HERE.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Interesting Blog about Mushing History event that happened in AK in the fall of '09...better late than never?
Fur Rondy Official Site. Tons of activities surrounding this annual Dog Sled Race with a purse.
Mushing TV newly launched and a great place to hang out and vicariously enjoy this radical lifestyle. It features GREAT videos and up close and personal interviews with some of the greats in the sport.

Go Mush offers cool musher profiles, current RACE updates, great collection of links and pretty good classified ads and awesome photo gallery.

Coming soon? Every good Iditarod vacation u could ever want....

twenty ten

We enjoyed participating in the lighted parade again in Dec...though Pepper looks nervous she performed superbly. I affixed battery operated Xmas lights to their halters and lit my bike with more of the same, a variety of blinky lights and wore a stupid looking Santa hat for drill. We rode from the Cal Trans lot to R.way 2 miles to the north enjoying the lights and laughter of folks there...there was even a bon fire at one home! Things got a little dicey on the return trip past the Cal Trans lot into G.ville about 2.5 miles to the south...we fell behind the motorized rigs that were rushing for more fun in the neighboring town. But we stayed positive, everyone did their best and we rolled into town as the last rig did as well! Got to enjoy more honking, sirens and praise from our fellow community members. We love applause, loud laughter, lights and fire engine songs. In fact, life - since that night - has come no where near to measuring up to that kind of fun and frolic.

sigh. I wish everyday was a lighted parade...

There has been plenty of great dryland since the arrival of the rain. Conditions are so much better: Cooler, better traction with moist roads and dogs are generally hyped by the wind and fresh moist air. We are running at least 4x weekly and hope to attend the two races nearby that feature the 3 dog 2 miler (which we can compete in with just 2.) I have collected an awesome batch of links and hope to sort through and share some of those too.

xxoo Jj