Monday, April 26, 2010

Our new toy - the Diggler FX full suspension and disc brakes a great safe dryland mushing rig.

This video DOES NOT have great audio. It is low fidelity and until i get some good video software and regain my upload capabilities on YouTube it is all i got...sorry. In spite of its flaws I am proud of this vid. It features Team Humdog joined by rOaDdie on his 4th (!!) turn in harness...and he is actually PULLING!!Initially poor OD had no clue. When I'd harness him without a neckline, as soon as the tugline would get tight he'd immediately turn around and run back to me!! SO, i began used a standard 4 dog tugline and used the neckline to encourage him to GO.....still, he resisted. HARD. And he would actually pull IN REVERSE! Snoopy was pulling me, the scooter - AND OD!!! Luckily, with patience, and positive energy it finally clicked and he is loving the run. We R Rocking!He is a good pup who is happy to have found me. I am happy too! Below my two favorite cowdogs!


Juliette said...

Fun video, how those dogs run so fast! Difficult subject to video but fine, well done! Don't know if it helps but Camtasia video software gives 1 month free trial - we used it and it was fine. Thanks for sharing.

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24 Paws of Love said...

I've been looking through your blog and I love it! We are beginner mushers and only do it recreationally, but we love doing it. Our struggles are there aren't many places we can do it, but we do our best to work around it. I have 6 dogs all together and 4 that just love it. I think it's a great sport.

You looked great with your 3 dogs. I will be using your blog for info. Thanks.

Child care said...

That's a really nice and perfomant moto. Nice..

Joanne said...

Fabulous that your dogs enjoy the exercise so much and also it looks like a good way of bonding with your dogs, enjoyed reading much thanks.

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Tim said...

Great video! I love exercising with my dogs. I'm a dog trainer in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, and we hit the beach all the time. I have the K9 Cruiser Bike Leash for Dogs that I use. It's one of the best exercise attachments out there.