Tuesday, January 12, 2010

twenty ten

We enjoyed participating in the lighted parade again in Dec...though Pepper looks nervous she performed superbly. I affixed battery operated Xmas lights to their halters and lit my bike with more of the same, a variety of blinky lights and wore a stupid looking Santa hat for drill. We rode from the Cal Trans lot to R.way 2 miles to the north enjoying the lights and laughter of folks there...there was even a bon fire at one home! Things got a little dicey on the return trip past the Cal Trans lot into G.ville about 2.5 miles to the south...we fell behind the motorized rigs that were rushing for more fun in the neighboring town. But we stayed positive, everyone did their best and we rolled into town as the last rig did as well! Got to enjoy more honking, sirens and praise from our fellow community members. We love applause, loud laughter, lights and fire engine songs. In fact, life - since that night - has come no where near to measuring up to that kind of fun and frolic.

sigh. I wish everyday was a lighted parade...

There has been plenty of great dryland since the arrival of the rain. Conditions are so much better: Cooler, better traction with moist roads and dogs are generally hyped by the wind and fresh moist air. We are running at least 4x weekly and hope to attend the two races nearby that feature the 3 dog 2 miler (which we can compete in with just 2.) I have collected an awesome batch of links and hope to sort through and share some of those too.

xxoo Jj

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