Saturday, December 12, 2009

Long Dry Summer spent healing ...on to race season!

We returned to the trail by mid July!! I have been seriously following my 15 point checklist and as a result i am enjoying my health and good mushing too!!! The 9 mile loop in my neighborhood with nearly 1000 feet of climbing has become an EZ 1.5 hour Sunday cruise. My dogs are pumped and real strong right now. I am here, back on the blogosphere, after an extended sojourn onto FaceBook, too much commuting and parttime wrrk. Not to mention the serious PTSD after my computer crash of winter '09. FINALLY, i have photoshop and my camera software downloaded and functioning on my 'new'er computer!! So, Fingers crossed, i upload, download and freeload!! Love u, love yer dog!


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Welcome back to Neverland!

jojo roxx said...

i heart u alaska dave down under!! u r lucky - u have summer and are nearing the LONGEST day...alas, we are just days away from the longest night.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Back atcha, Jojo.

But just remember that when you are having nice long summer days we are having short, cold, wintery ones. Of course, "winter" is a relative term as I wear shorts year round down here :)

Are you going to be able to get behind a sled w/snow on the ground this season?

Dogs toys said...

Great that you live in an area where you can practice and I suppose a rest is necessary! You must have to be pretty fit for that game.

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