Friday, February 22, 2008

HOT DOGS!! Get 'em Now!

HANK -Just one year old. Below, TATUM - 8 months old. Then ZACK, 1 year 9 months old.
To participate in Dog Powered Sports you need at least one dog. Our own local shelter in Mckinleyville is absolutely brimming right now with a super variety of potentially good running mates. Many are being held two to a kennel, and others that have been there the longest, are at risk of being put down. Please help these pups escape the black dog syndrome, (black dogs tend to languish in the shelters a long time, and as a result have much higher euthanasia rates than any other color of dog) find yourself a friend for life, and maybe a new hobby too! Dog mushing activities are known to give you a strong physique, mental clarity, a deep bond with nature, and Joie de Vivre! Dog shopping starts here. Remember, that although we can not save every dog that finds itself in the shelters of this world, we can change the life for the one(s) we do adopt. Please consider doing it today.
Check out Linus -he' s 2 1/2 years old. Good pup!

If you are visiting this blog from parts unknown (I'm amazed and happy to report that India, Canada, Finland, Britain, Saudi Arabia, many of the 50 US states, and other random countries have all passed through the suhummusher portal) don't hesitate to make a visit to your own local shelter or rescue group and find a lifelong friend. They will love you for it. Me too.


eDog said...

That's a nice way to appeal - such a shame about black dogs, I didn't know that sad fact. I think so many people are promoting shelter dogs that it must be helping. No dog born deserves a life without a loving home.
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Walkydog said...

Good on you for that thoughtful post - hope it worked - the dogs are just all adorable. Nice blog, thanks.

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Puppy toys said...

What beautiful dogs, hope that appeal worked, I've got two rescue dogs and one is black and I never thought twice about taking him.