Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in the Saddle

TeamHumDog... Representing SoHum Mushers in the G.ville Rodeo Parade 2008. Pepper and Snoopy played the part of real mushing pups tied out to their rig. (in this case, a '92 Volvo wagon, in lieu of a properly tricked out Toyota 4x !)
The rodeo was a hoot. The day was hot and the crowd was festive. The dogs got to socialize and gain discipline around lots of different people, vehicles, (Harley Run was in town!) horses, other dogs, and even some mini donkeys. The donkeys were the closest to having a run in with the notorious Team HD. Go, Easy, Stop, Leave It, and On By were the main focus of our slow, 4 block adventure. They loved it, and we all hope to return again for the next parade in town. Hopefully a few more mushers will come out of the woods and join us!Pepper...Looking like she's moving, when she's standing still. Below, the still waters of our favorite redwood forest trail.
Why I Bikejor: Tired dogs are happy (and good!) dogs.
I am stoked to report I am back on the trail and loving it. I am taking it slow and must admit, I AM AFRAID! So I initiated a whole new set of rituals that I've added to the outset of our runs; it includes various prayers, affirmations, and outright bargaining with the Gods! "Please let me return alive." My knee injury sidetracked us but good, and it will be a while before we are up to our usual stunts and stellar mileage. In the meantime, I am loving the runs we have done, and am especially grateful to Humboldt Orthopedics, and specifically Ryan, and Dr. Shishido, who have given me superb care. Right now, the whole of inland Northern California is smothered in smoke. So we sadly, have had to curtail our activities yet again! SIDE NOTE: We did get to explore a great beach trail at Table Bluff. If you've not been out there, check it out! The area reminds me of Honeydew. To get there: Head west at Hookton Road for about 5 miles. It is coastal and beautiful. The beach is semi ridable, and there is also a pretty cool 4x trail that heads south out of the park. There is a picnic area, porta-potties, and lots of barely traveled, flat, paved roads as well. I wonder if it's smoky up north....See you on the trail! Oh, and please don't forget to check out my new YouTube videos.


Paul Brooker said...

Great to see the Team back in action :-)

jojo roxx said...

You are a real kindred bro. Yes, at last we are making our way back into the fast lane - yahoo!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Glad that your heal is kneeling up. Oops, glad you knee is healing up :)

Your dogs look so happy, very cool.