Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bum Knee II

I am reliving sweet memories from the winter. I was focused, healthy and on my game. I returned home, happily, in one piece, walking unaided and under my own power! Unlike this recent weekend, when I was -let's just say- NOT on my game~!~ So.....Knee elevated (the left one this time) whilst I juggle MRI and ORTHOPEDIC appointments, I busily scribble the soon to be released DryLand Musher's pre-ride checklist. It will be a guide to help others (and myself) have safe and fun dryland mushing experiences. Why is it, that the most important lessons are often painful, and repeated? Sigh. Sparing u the details, I will report that the swelling is much less than my crazy crash last year, i am maintaining an impressive 90* ROM, and I am hopeful for a limited time on crutches. I am consoling myself with affirmations of my relative youth in this sport, and how much I will learn and incorporate in the years to come- if my stupidity doesn't kill me first!

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