Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dogs Across America - Report

We completed over 11 miles this weekend as our contribution to Dogs Across America. The dogs are both in prime shape right now. They easily completed the double loop and in record time too. We clocked one 3 mile stretch at just 13 minutes! The rain started just as we completed our 5.5 mile outing today. I bent the rear rim bouncing down the single track with my over amped dual puppy charged mountain bike. I also had an embarrassing encounter with a couple small pups and their bewildered owner. WHAT? Never seen a crazed team of dogs, dragging an obviously equally crazed passenger (you'd have to be!) on a mountain bike, all carreening across the meadow to sniff and otherwise pester your pups? We must work on leave it, go-by, and a better easy would help a lot as well! Snoopy is just a naughty little block head sometimes. Pepper, of course, did her best to cooperate. But, he literally dragged her, me, and the bike. Like I said, embarrassing. My trust (assumption) that they would merrily go-by when they had already alerted onto the little dogs, was a serious mistake. I'm thinking disc brakes might help give me more control as well. Luckily, the dog walker was very calm, and she wasn't frightened or upset that our dogs all created a intricate spaghetti knot about her leg. Oh, and did I mention mountain bikes flying through the air?? ...nutty sport. These guys are still beginners, as am I. I hope we all survive long enough to at least semi-master this work/play.

Dogs across America in the news.

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eDog said...

It's a shame you didn't get that on video!!

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