Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We're off!
Yes, that really is a huge glob of ...SPIT flying out Snoopy's mouth! Mr SlobberFace.
Pretty fun times. Notice my gear is still amateur style. Pepper runs with a traditional harness designed for use with a leash, and Snoopy has a harness from BikerDog that came with another side unit for running your dog. If I recall correctly, it was actually designed to discourage pulling, because when the dog is to the side you want to avoid them jerking around. Heh heh. He is a real bullet, and I can say this harness has done little to discourage him from pulling.....Anyway, I hook the two dogs to my bike with a simple double leash that is extended all the way. This is affixed to the t-bar of my bike with a small collar with metal buckle. We have already worn one collar out. The dogs have new gear coming soon. They will be fitted with real harnesses and I will be testing a couple different line set-ups. As you can see though, one can have a great deal of fun and harness some amazing canine power with just the simplest gear.


tm said...

he jojo~ i enjoyed seeing you in the parade....that reference to the biker on sohum parlance was from me. I hope more folks do join in next year at the parade becuz i thought it was a blast!
Good luck with your mushing, just make sure the doggies are having fun*

jojo roxx said...

hey grrl, thanks for stopping by. Fun is for sure what they're having. Seriously we'd already ran 6 miles that day (just to settle 'em down some) and they were still raring to go! Wheeeeeeee!

The Bakers of Lodi said...

Hey there Jojo!

This looks like a blast! Your dogs must be loving this exercise. If I remeber them correctly they're probably still ready for more after even twenty miles!!!