Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let's See If This Works - Video

VIDEO: Sunset Run With the Pups.

Pepper is naughty sometimes and will try to grab Snoopy by the neck, in a display of
dominance, as we run. This was one of those times. Notice at around 36 seconds, after already going after him once or twice, they get so revved on each other they jump off into the ditch to wrestle, or chase each other! ...i don't even know! As always, when we ride, I am gripping the bike for dear life with either a stupid smile plastered on my face, or the fear of death dominating my expression, as we confront the 3 second rule; You have just 3 seconds in most crash situations to avoid disaster. So stay focused. And have fun! P.S. Super Gratitude to Pernell, my computer guru. He taught me in three minutes, the fix to my locked up movies. A glitch I'd blundered an afternoon away trying to remedy. Yea! Thanks PT! Enjoy~


Paul Brooker said...

Nice blog! Surprising how many of us around the World are carrying out these sort of dog activities! I've added a link from my blog - The Bikejoring Blog.

Best wishes and tight towlines from the other side :-)

Paul Brooker said...

Ach, link borked. Its at:

I'll visit regular.

jojo roxx said...

Hi paul, we are huge fans of wolfy. You are UK-Bikejor on my linkslist, and well worth the visit folks. Your recent post of the 20 mile bikejor trek over the roads of ancient rome was very cool!