Sunday, March 9, 2008

Iditarod Day 9 - Leaders Play Tag & Sled Dog Zaster Dies


From PressPages:

NOME, ALASKA -March 09, 2008- Four time Iditarod Champion Jeff King is the first to arrive at the Gold Coast community of Unalakleet. King (Bib # 11) arrived in Unalakleet this afternoon at 2:02 (March 09, 2008) with 16 dogs. The distinction of being the first to make it to the Norton Sound netted King the Wells Fargo "Gold Coast" Award. This is the third year in a row that King has won the Award!

Wells Fargo representatives Loren Prosser (manager of the Nome Wells Fargo) and Carol Charles (Manager of the Unalakleet Wells Fargo), presented King with $2,500 in gold as well as the "Gold Coast" Award.

Unalakleet is strategically located on the coast of Norton Sound, just north of the Unalakleet River. There are only six more checkpoints remaining between Unalakleet and the burled arch of Nome.

NOTE: King may have been the first into Unalakleet but Lance was the first out by one hour. He dropped two dogs there and is down to 12, while Jeff is still running all 16 of his team. Dog pictured below is Eagle, who runs for Mitch Seavey. Jeff Shultz's images HERE.Death on the Iditarod:

March 8, 2008 - A 7-year-old male named ‘Zaster’ in the team of musher #87, John Stetson, died at 0120 this morning. Zaster was dropped at Ophir at 0200 on Friday and had been transported to Anchorage where he was being treated for signs of pneumonia.

A necropsy will be conducted by a board certified pathologist to make every attempt to determine the cause of death.

Addendum: The gross necropsy of "Zaster," a seven year old male from John Stetson's team, has been completed. Aspiration pneumonia was determined to be the likely cause of death. RIP: Zaster.2 more Mushers that have called it quits:

IDITAROD XXXVI MUSHER John Stetson, (Bib #87) made the decision to scratch this afternoon at 4:00 (March 08, 2008) in Cripple Checkpoint. The Duluth Minnesota rookie cited concern over sick dogs on his team, and the loss of a dearly loved team mate, Zaster, as his reasons for scratching. Stetson had 14 dogs on his team.

IDITAROD XXXVI MUSHER Ryan Redington, (Bib #51) made the decision to scratch at 6:00 pm (March 08, 2008) in Ruby Checkpoint. The Iditarod veteran from Wasilla Alaska said his team was not performing well, and he felt it was in their best interest to scratch in Ruby. Redington had ten dogs on his team when he made the decision to scratch.

Remember the Iditarod Invitational that started Feb 23, and is still in progress? This race features hikers, (believe it or not) skiers, and bikers, that race over the Iditarod trail to either McGrath (350 miles) or all the way to Nome! Here is one intrepid biker on his way to Nome, being passed by the sled dogs en-route to the same finish. I've blogged about it HERE . Latest news of this event is HERE. Leader Board is HERE

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