Monday, March 31, 2008

AAS - Zorro Update -

From the AAS Website: Update on injured dog, "Zorro" photo above ©2008 by Jan DeNapoli.
Nome, Alaska - 3/31/2008 11am
Just a few minutes ago we got a report on Zorro's condition. He has been examined by a veterinary neurologist
in Seattle and completed an MRI to fully evaluate his spine. The results suggest that despite significant trauma to Zorro's chest and spine, he is expected to achieve a full recovery over time without surgical intervention.

Here is a news article that reports Zorro was able to stand somewhat, and the clown who ran into them has finally come forward. Alleluia. Below, check out Aaron Burmeister and Ramy Brooks at the finish in Nome, both with pups resting in the sled bag. Cute.
These two photos are from NorthernLightMediaBlog ©2008 by Jan DeNapoli. Zorro, on the top, is from Lance's Website.


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dog life vest said...

Great that Zorro didn't need surgery. It looks to be a quite dangerous sport with idiots like that running into sleds.

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Sara said...

Poor Zorro - I read about what happened - thank God no op though.

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Excellent, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that.