Monday, April 7, 2008

AAS Wrap-up and Weak Excuses

The AAS is long done, and my girls finally made it in. Controversy over Lance's collision with a snow machine seems to be over for the most part. The idiot who ran him down and almost killed Zorro has agreed to cover expenses. Looks like Zorro is going to be OK. Here is more media coverage of the aftermath. Jeff King's Blog has a nice recap of the race, from his perspective. Great starting photos by Jan HERE.Mitch Seavey and his lead dog, Payton. Photo ©2008 by Jan DeNapoli

Are you seeing blank spots in my blog and references to photos that do not exist? Jeff Shultz can be credited with the crushing blow of removing all his great art from my 10 hit/day blogspot (5 of which are probably mine!) for want of excessive use fees....I made the mistake of asking permission..whatever.

I discovered flickr creative commons , open photo and Picasso Web; all free-share pics for FREE public use. In fact, I was able to edit all my BLOGSHOTS in one place on Picasso web. It made zapping the forbidden pics quite EZ with no need to open and edit each individual post. Of course it left boxes where once were photos, and the posts themselves are still littered with links and praise for Mr. Shultz. So be it. Onward.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Guess he figures that tiny, reduced size pics of his stuff on your wildly popular blog will cut into his profit! I would've thought it would inspire someone to go to his site and order full size prints and he'd get more customers.

Oh well... some people.

If you ever want to use any of my bird pics, please feel free to :)

I'm glad Zorro is gonna make it, great news.

Oh, did you hear that Sports Illustrated thinks Tiger Woods is a tougher athlete than Lance Mackey?

jojo roxx said...

I did, and I am a waiting my fresh copy to arrive from town! Thanks for the photo offers, I will! Jj