Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Video

2 minute Blues Cruise in amongst the big trees. Warning: Tedious blues wav file! Go with me here; the end will be worth it. Thanks for watching!



Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Very cool! So, ummmmm, how fast were you going? How hard is it to steer? What sort of setup on the bike do you use? Do you have to ride the brakes? Enquiring minds want to know.

Those trees look like they could hurt, but it really looks like fun; I'd try it :)

jojo roxx said...

Dave, Dave, the first qualification for bikejoring and other dog powered sports is that insanity must run in your family. Got that covered? You are good to go!


The dogs cruise at about 8-10 MPH. If we are just starting out, or on a straight-away they will top out at 18-20MPH So OF COURSE! I ride my brakes. Disc brakes are best to reduce stress on your wrists and avoid the constant rim wear associated with all that braking. I use a simple tow-line from SkiJorNow(very cool line with built in bungi) I have also used a med long 2" leash with a leash splitter (for walking 2 dogs) at the end. This is attached to the bike with the smallest yet widest collar I can find. It must be the metal belt style - not clips- or they will break away. The line is connected to the bike at the t-post on the frame below the handlebars not to the handlebars like you may see some clowns on YouTube do. When affixed this way you have good control. Of course "basic obedience" and some understanding of mushing commands is crucial to this and all dog powered sports. Once you say gee, and they actually go right -Hey steering is a breeze! Even with super obedience, and extra training in the finer points of dog driving, there are many hazards and risks - as you can see by my post today. I may even have to return to single dog bikejoring as I have little time to be laid up icing my knee...

There are also cool (but boring-if you are hooked on andrenaline) side-of-the-bike attachments like the walkydog. With it, there is little pulling motion and you have somewhat better control. Unless of course they yank you sideways into the ditch! They are also only good for one dog at a time.

Thanks for checking out this amazing sport. Your pups will love you if you get out and let them run with you like this. There are some dog-powered enthusiasts and equipment suppliers in Australia. The sport is just catching on the the USA and is often limited to people with traditional Siberian or Alaskan Huskies. I contend that any dog can pull.

In the urban areas SCOOTERS
are very popular and may be a bit safer... enjoy!