Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chemult Fun Run and Race Clinic

We had an eventful and fun weekend in Chemult Or, for a race clinic / fun run. There was abundant fresh snow; conditions were slow... We still took 4th in the (unofficial) 3-4 dog /2 mile run. I also tied for third in a silly musher game that involved balloons, poker hand, swords, stuffies and a bell. Youda' had to have been there.... My tactic? Speed over accuracy. The dogs had a blast. Snoopy is still an agressive ass and has a lot to learn when it comes to leaving other dogs alone. Physically I got worked. The sled driving with just two dogs is really nothing more than a clown act. And poor pepper...she keeps looking back at me with an expression that matches that of "Max" in the Grinch That Stole X-mas! The snow was slow and deep. My time was a meter of nothing more than how fast I could jog!!! ...Guess i better learn to jog faster...or get MORE DOGS!?!?!
This team sorta lost it at the end...exactly WHO is leading?? Below, my favorite shot; love the toungue! There were a lot of great looking 4 dog teams.
Fresh snow every night...
One of the four"golden" bears that herald the crossing of the Klamath River...Below, portions of an impressive mural by Sharon Maki-Coffin.
Raptors were the Theme in Oregon...
It was a longass drive (350+ miles) and I neglected to document the most exciting part of the trip: when i tossed my car in the ditch, just a mile out of town in my early (icy) departure Sunday AM.!!! It was a slow motion slip and slide, and thanks to a passing angel with a chain and my serious tow hitch that was yankable, I spent just 5 minutes ditchbound. It woulda made a great shot though...and the thickly packed snow in the wheel wells...OH yea, that was a blast trying to put the chains on...then 40 miles of chainworthy travel at 20 mph....Believe me, I was grateful to hit the open pavement, and (eventually) make it home safely. I probably need a real (dog/snow) rig if i intend to take this crazy hobby any further...Below, interesting driftwood fountain. BLUE water!?!?!

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The pics are great. Those dogs are having fun! Murals nice too. Thanks for sharing.

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