Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mushing Clinic & GOLD MUSH races off!

Slush and Rain

My BRIGHT IDEA?? Dryland contingent for all sled races in CA. Break out the ATV's, Carts, Scooters, Mountain Bikes and Running Shoes. Let's run these dogs!! What a bummer to do all that organizing, only to have to cancel. Maybe next year we'll be riding the freshly groomed snow trails or they will implement my BRIGHT IDEA and we'll be mud mushing! Oh well. And Team HumDog was all set to go; training like maniacs with our sights set on the 4 mile. We weather another rain storm, instead of gliding over crystal trails... Silent and in awe...The dog sledding thing is verrry cool and I am so glad I went up to Chemult. With spring fast approaching the focus shifts to the Dryland mushing. Mushing boot camp coming up, register now!
April 30, May 1 - 3, 2009

Thursday 4:00 p.m - Sunday Noon

All Levels Welcome

Includes Lodging/Light Breakfast

Meal information on Site Location Page

PRICE: $890.00

Pretty cool looking MUSHING BOOT CAMP in Fort Klamath, OR.... And I hear it gets results! Participation is limited, so interested mushers are asked to register early. Liz Parrish, Iditarod Finisher, fellow musher, supporter of mushing and mushers, and Inn Keeper (!) hosts these great events. The camp is "guided by experts Jamie Nelson and Ann Stead.... two seasoned professionals with over 70 years combined experience in sprint and distance dog mushing. " More from the webite: "...Mushing Boot Camp is a three day intensive clinic which offers you hours of hands on experience training your dogs with your equipment guided by experts Jamie Nelson and Ann Stead. The Camp also features discussions about training, conditioning, equipment, nutrition, kennel management, health issues and much more. .....You are assured of getting the full benefit of their expertise through one-on-one training as well as group instruction."

Contact: Liz Parrish -

Phone: (541) 892 3639

I have plenty good video and pics from our recent adventures. I look forward to putting them together. On a Sidenote: I went through a computer drama and have mourned the loss of about 3 months worth of great pics! Obvious lesson: Back up your stuff! Oh, and don't turn off the inverter while Windows is shutting down...More real soon.

P.S. Check out the KHSL TV NEWS REPORT of the CHESTER RACES: I am not pictured racing, or bragging about racing, but at 50 seconds you do get to see me on the right of the screen, getting yanked around by Will's 9 yo leader, Blue! It took 5 of us to control his 4 dog team! There is great commentary by the mushers too. One, by Laura, claims dog mushing will make you forget your worries. That is the truth.

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Barbara Schaefer said...

The picture features Qualobo Siberians Joni & Seeken, with Cameron & Liz handling for Tyrell Wood.